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ESC Dashboard

Name Owner Prio Due Notes
CVS to bazaar/git/subversion transition Fuhrmann, Meeks, Klose 1 Q1 2008 weekly meeting Friday 2pm UTC #oooscm, set up prototypes for evaluation
Unified sign on/Federated Identity Fuhrmann 1
Wiki/better search, structure Peters 1
Buildbots Fuhrmann, Cheng 2
CWS Upload area Hollmichel 2 Dec '07
Mailing lists/unsubscribed people should get replies to their threads Fuhrmann 3
low barrier of entry/simple account creation Fuhrmann 4
Storage needed for l10n builds, related to modularization issues Fuhrmann, Hütsch 2
Language Packs/help contnent should be platform independent Braconi, Peters 2
Dictionaries to be moved to extensions, modularization Hütsch 2
Language Fallback to en-US must be fixed (help img fallback doesn't work) Bauer 2
Access to translation data to be moved to Pootle Braconi 2
Unified sign-on/Federated identity Fuhrmann 3
Process and tools to allow localization of wiki content Braconi 2
email (offline) access to bugtracking Fuhrmann 2
make cvs artwork authoritative Bauer 3
create checklist for full open source compliance for developers Engelhardt 1
QA Unit tests Meeks, Hütsch
Make high impact bug reports visible Hollmichel Dec' 07 [Ubuntu], [Redflag 2000]
More Developer-focues in processes
fast legal reviews for external modules Hollmichel
easy integration of small fixes Bauer, Hollmichel, Meeks
fast development turnaround Bauer, Hollmichel, Meeks follow up meeting needed to determine the issues
short build times Bauer, Hollmichel, Meeks follow up meeting needed to determine the issues
more ways of being diverse in the source code
Modularization, independent Apps Hütsch, Meeks
Modularization, customizable components (cust. features) Hütsch, Meeks
Modularization, build on installed OOo Hütsch, Meeks
Modularization, small developer packages Hütsch, Meeks
Modularization, modular packages Hütsch, Meeks
Modularization, smaller, independent packages Hütsch, Meeks
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