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Name Owner Prio Due Notes
CVS to bazaar/git/subversion transition Fuhrmann, Meeks, Klose 1 Q1 2008 Weekly meeting Friday 2pm UTC #oooscm, set up prototypes for evaluation. Details on SVN and git repository prototypes are available and public accessible (via SSH). There is still no Bazaar import, it is thought that a full bazaar import might be difficult to achieve. We will for now continue with SVN and git. Discover workflows wrt to SVN and git is in progress, templates can be found [here]. Next: measure the candidates against the template. Open: Split of git repository just because of performance issues when dealing with big repositories.
Unified sign on/Federated Identity Fuhrmann 1 Discussion took place sun internally. Requirement added to and handed over to Sun team which evaluates hosting efforts.
Wiki/better search, structure Peters 1
  • Wiki Engine Updated to MW 1.11 (Feb 15)
  • Structural hierarchy implemented on wiki/Documentation (wip)
  • Structure of localized wiki sections TBD
  • Implemented crosslink functionality for localized pages
Buildbots Fuhrmann, Cheng 2 Gregor Hartmann from Sun and Bao Honglin from Redflag CH2000 assigned to this task. Kick of on IRC has taken place on Dec 19, the agenda and log can be found [here]. A buildbot has been brought online by the RedFlag team.
CWS Upload area Hollmichel 2 work in progress, Jan '08 authentication work under way to get up-load with EIS, expected end of Feb 08.
Mailing lists/unsubscribed people should get replies to their threads Fuhrmann 3 Do we realy have to invest into such feature? How many people are affected by this in their daily work? What is the common beahviour of mailing lists?
low barrier of entry/simple account creation Fuhrmann 4 Talk to Sun team which evaluates hosting efforts took place. Registration via Login-name + Mail + Country seams to be simple enough.
Storage needed for l10n builds, related to modularization issues Fuhrmann, Hütsch 2
Language Packs/help content should be platform independent Braconi, Peters 2 After OOo3
Dictionaries to be moved to extensions, modularization Hütsch 2 Configuration nailed down to make dictionaries as extensions. In progress.
Language Fallback to en-US must be fixed (help img fallback doesn't work) Bauer 2 Issue existent. Target is OOo 3.0.
Access to translation data to be moved to Pootle Braconi 2 done. 20 languages have been uploaded. Here the Pootle_Roadmap. Pootle server on has been removed (announced by Charles Schultz). OOo and Sun Vendors are working with Pootle on sunvirtuallab: L10n IRC meetings and logs at:
Process and tools to allow localization of wiki content Braconi 2 Workflow at: The progress can be viewed at:
email (offline) access to bugtracking Fuhrmann 2 Discussion took place sun internally. Requirement added to and handed over to Sun team which evaluates hosting efforts.
make cvs artwork authoritative Bauer 3 done Matthias talked to the owner of the image tool. The tool does corret updates, so people are able to deal with images within CVS directly without getting any conflicts.
create checklist for full open source compliance for developers Engelhardt 1
QA Unit tests Meeks, Hütsch
Make high impact bug reports visible Hollmichel work in progress, Jan '08 [Ubuntu], [Redflag 2000]
More Developer-focues in processes Meeks
fast legal reviews for external modules Hollmichel [Meta Issue 86166]
easy integration of small fixes Bauer, Hollmichel, Meeks aim to get developer process/time overhead for integrating suitably trivial fixes down to the 10minute range. Draft for proposal: FixesOnMaster
fast development turnaround Bauer, Fuhrmann, Hollmichel, Meeks Quick_and_Fast_Building
short build times Bauer, Hollmichel, Meeks Quick_and_Fast_Building
more ways of being diverse in the source code Meeks get agreement on including distro-specific patches, artwork, per-distro configuration options etc. into the (D)RCS, and look at ways of making existing hard-to-configure things (eg. settings defaults) build-time configurable.
Modularization, independent Apps Hütsch, Meeks
Modularization, customizable components (cust. features) Hütsch, Meeks
Modularization, build on installed OOo Hütsch, Meeks
Modularization, small developer packages Hütsch, Meeks
Modularization, modular packages Hütsch, Meeks
Modularization, smaller, independent packages Hütsch, Meeks
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