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The drawing framework is a framework employed by the Impress and Draw applications for the synchronized activation and deactivation of resources. It design addresses the following goals

  • ease of use
  • flexibility
  • extensibility
  • abstraction from underlying frameworks

The drawing framework can be seen as a resource management system, where the resources are panes, views, tool bars, commands (slots). Different types of resources are managed by individual resource controllers. The resource controllers are synchronized by the configuration controller. Its name comes from the configuration, which describes the set of active resources, i.e. the set of visible panes, views, and tooll bars. Synchronization means that activation or deactivation of resources of different types are made in a fashion that minimizes the overall time and reduces visual artifacts, i.e. flickering. The drawing framework is implemented on top of and abstracts from existing framework functionality provides mostly by the SFX2 and Framework projects.

Current State

The drawing framework is implemented in child work space components1 for panes and views. Tool bars and commands will be integrated soon.

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