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On Writer almost everything can be associated with a style. There are paragraph styles, character styles, frame, page and list styles. The tool to administrate, create and modify styles is the Stylist and it is opened with  F11  (or with Format → Styles and formatting).

Opening the Styles and formatting editor it is possible to see the categories already mentioned with the five buttons top left


For every category a list of available styles is presented. It is possible to filter the list with the menu on the lower part of the window, selecting for example between "All styles", "Applied styles", "Custom styles" (those styles defined by the user), etc.

With a double click on a style on the list, it will be applied on the cursor position.

The two buttons on the right are, respectively:

  • Fill Format Mode: useful to apply the same style on several points. Selecting a style from the list (for example, a character style), the cursor change into a "paint jar" with which it is possible to "paint" the selected style on different point on the document. To exit this mode, it is enough to press  ESC  or click again on the fill format button.
  • The last button to the right it is a menu with three options:
    • New Style from Selection: with this button, manually formatting a text and selecting the result it is possible to quickly define a new style.
    • Update Style: modifying the format by hand, for example on a particular paragraph or frame, selecting this option the corresponding style will be updated to include the manual modifications.
    • Load Styles: opens a menu to load styles defined on other documents or templates.

For more in deep analysis on these topics, see the following pages:

  1. Paragraph and character styles
  2. Frame styles
  3. Page styles
  4. List styles
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