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Inserting pictures in Writer

In Writer there are several ways to insert pictures, either using the menu Insert → Picture → From file, with the corresponding button on the Insert toolbar or simply by dragging and dropping the picture file from the system's file browser.

It is also possible to insert images from the "Gallery": a set of pictures and backgrounds bundled wth Apache OpenOffice. It is possible to access the gallery from the corresponding deck on the Sidebar or from the standalone panel on Tools → Gallery. Then you just need to browse the categories and drag and drop the object of your choice.

As with the tables, it is possible to add a caption to any picture with a right click → Caption


Here it is also possible to modify the category to change it to, for example, Figure instead of Illustration. We can use the option Position to place the caption either above or below the image.

Embedded and linked images

There are two ways to insert a picture in a Writer document: embedded or linked from an external file. The first option places a copy of the picture inside the document, which is good for portability but creates large files. The second option provides smaller files, but with the need to move all the corresponding files when changing to another system. It must be considered that the paths to the linked files are saved inside the Writer document as relative paths.

OLE Objects

The menu command Insert → Object provides several options to insert documents made in other components of Apache OpenOffice in a Writer document. These documents can be charts, Calc tables, mathematical expressions built with Math... It is possible to insert these objects from existing documents or create a new one from scratch.

Anchoring, Wrap and other special properties

With a right click → Picture we will find a window with several tabs on which it is possible to adjust several properties from the image inside the document. Because we will come back to this when discussing Frames, we will not discuss this for the moment. As a general comment, the Anchor options will control how the picture moves when new content is added to the document before the picture, while the Wrap options will control how text and other content "flow" around the picture.

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