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{{:Creating numbered or bulleted lists}}
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There are several ways to create numbered or bulleted lists:

  • Use autoformatting.
  • Use list styles, as described in Chapter 7 (Working with Styles).
  • Use the Numbering and Bullets icons on the paragraph formatting toolbar. To produce a numbered or bulleted list, select the paragraphs in the list and then click on the appropriate icon on the toolbar.
Documentation note.png It is a matter of personal preference whether you type your information first, then apply Numbering/Bullets, or apply these as you type.

Using the Bullets and Numbering toolbar

You can create nested lists (where one or more list items has a sublist under it, as in an outline) by using the buttons on the Bullets and Numbering toolbar. You can move items up or down the list, or create subpoints, and even change the style of bullets. Use View > Toolbars > Bullets and Numbering to see the toolbar.

Bullets and Numbering toolbar.
1 Bullets On/Off 8 Insert Unnumbered Entry
2 Numbering On/Off 9 Move Up
3 Numbering Off 10 Move Down
4 Up One Level 11 Move Up with Subpoints
5 Down One Level 12 Move Down with Subpoints
6 Move Up (One Level) with Subpoints 13 Restart Numbering
7 Move Down (One Level) with Subpoints   14 Bullets and Numbering
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