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This is Chapter 1 of Getting Started with 2.x (Third edition), produced by the OOoAuthors group. A PDF of this chapter is available from the OOoAuthors Guides page at

Introduction is a freely available, full-featured office suite. This chapter describes:

  • The components of
  • Some of the enhancements and new features in version 2
  • How compares with other office suites
  • How to get help
  • How is licensed
  • Answers to some common questions

Note: Because someone else owns the trademark OpenOffice, the correct name for both the open-source project and its software is (OOo) is both a software product and a community of volunteers that produces and supports the software.

Everyone is free to redistribute OOo, thanks to its open source license (see How is licensed?).

If you are new to OOo, its open source development, and the community that produces and supports it, you should read this chapter.

OOo 2.0 was a major upgrade of an already feature-rich office suite. If you have used previous versions of OOo, please look over the section New features in version 2.

Content on this page is licensed under the Creative Common Attribution 3.0 license (CC-BY).
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