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Numerous resources are available that provide help with writing macros. Use Help > Help to open the OOo help pages. The upper left corner of the OOo help system contains a drop-down list that determines which help set is displayed. To view the help for Basic, the drop-down must display Help about Basic.

Included material

Many excellent macros are included with OOo. Use Tools > Macros > Organize Macros > Basic to open the Macro dialog. Expand the Tools library in the library container. Inspect the Debug module—some good examples include WritedbgInfo(document) and printdbgInfo(sheet).

Online resources

The following links and references contain information regarding macro programming:

Published material

The following published sources contain macro examples. The most obvious example is the documentation from Sun. Start from Sun's documentation site and search for StarOffice documentation.

Andrew Pitonyak wrote a book called Macros Explained. Two chapters are available as direct downloads from the publisher. See

Dr. Mark Alexander Bain wrote Learn Spreadsheet Macro Programming (see

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