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The following tables list some important features of and compare them with two leading office suites, Microsoft Office 2003 (MSO) and WordPerfect X3' (WP).

Styles and formatting

Feature OOo    MSO WP
Navigator yes limited1 no
Styles and Formatting window yes yes no
Keyboard support for paragraph styles yes yes no
Support for page, frame, and list styles yes no no
Word completion yes Excel only     no
Spelling and language proofing modules     70+ 50+2 25
Formula or equation tools yes yes no

1 "Outline View" in Word offers a subset of the features of OOo's Navigator.

2 Requires an additional license for the the Multilingual User Interface Pack.


Feature OOo MSO WP
PDF export capability yes yes1 yes
Flash export capability yes no yes
XML export capability yes yes yes
OpenDocument XML format yes no no
Import/Export Microsoft Office files       yes yes yes
Import WordPerfect files yes yes yes
Import Lotus 123 files yes yes yes
Connect to external databases
(MySQL, Oracle, Access, etc.)
yes yes yes
Languages available (localizations)       40+ 35+ 30
Supported operating systems Windows, Mac OS X,    
Linux, Solaris
Windows only2      Windows only
Unicode language support yes yes no

1 Requires additional third-party software, such as PDF Writer or PDF Converter.
2 Microsoft Office: Mac is not feature compatible with Microsoft Office 2003.


Macros are programs that automate tasks and can be embedded in a document. The following table lists the languages available for macro development in each office suite.

Language OOo MSO      WP
Basic-derived language     OpenBasic      VBA VBA
Beanshell yes no no
Java yes no no
JavaScript yes no no
Python yes no no

Beyond simple macros, some office suites can be extended to include new features. This capability usually takes the form of plug-ins. In the case of, it can also be done through changes to the source code.

Feature OOo      MSO      WP
C and C++ yes yes yes
Java yes no no
Python yes no no
Source code available!      yes no no


Feature OOo      MSO      WP
Digital signatures yes yes yes
Strong encryption yes yes yes
Secure paths for macro execution      yes yes no

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