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Copying and moving styles

You can copy or move styles from one template or document into another template or document, in two ways:

Using the Template Management dialog

To copy or move styles using the Template Management dialog:

  1. Click File > Templates > Organize.
  2. In the Template Management dialog (Figure 6), set the lists at the bottom to either Templates or Documents, as needed. The default is Templates on the left and Documents on the right.
  3. Figure 6: Template Management dialog.
  4. Open the folders and find the templates from and to which you want to copy. Double-click on the name of the template or document, and then double-click the Styles icon to show the list of individual styles (Figure 7).
  5. Figure 7: Copying styles using the Template Management dialog.
  6. To copy a style, hold down the Ctrl key and drag the name of the style from one list to the other.
  7. Repeat for each style you want to copy. If the receiving template or document has a lot of styles, you may not see any change on screen unless you scroll down in the list. When you are finished, click Close.
Tip.png To load styles from a file that is not open, click the File button. When you return to this window, both lists show the selected file as well as all the currently open documents.

Documentation caution.png If you do not hold down the Control key when dragging, the style will be moved from one list to the other. The style will be deleted from the list you are dragging it from.

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Loading styles from a template or document

You can copy styles by loading them from a template or another document. This method copies all styles, or groups of styles, at one time.

  1. Open the document to copy styles into.
  2. In the Styles and Formatting window, click on the New Style from Selection icon, and then on Load Styles (see Updating a style from a selection).
  3. On the Load Styles dialog, find and select the template you want to copy styles from.
  4. Select the checkboxes for the categories of styles to be copied. Select Overwrite if you want the styles being copied to replace any styles of the same names in the document you're copying them into.
  5. Click OK to copy the styles. You will not see any change on screen.
Documentation note.png To copy the styles from another document, click the From File button to open a window from which you can select the required document.
Loading styles from a template into the open document.

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