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This is the place to list topics to be covered in the Base Guide, and organise them into an outline for the book. Feel free to add or change things on this page, and annotate what you add or change. You can use the Discussion tab to discuss ideas with others working on this book, and/or you can discuss ideas on the OOoAuthors list (to reach a wider audience).

Learning OObase - building your first application

This uses the built-in data source and should be restricted to following the development of the members table only in the data model. Within this authors can get as creative as they like. This will be expanded on in section 3. It is anticipated that the majority of techniques can be covered with this example, apart from joins and relationships.





Accessing other data sources

This is where porting from other application could go

A multi-table application using OpenOffice base

This is where advanced features could go while building a real application.

Introduction to the application

Includes data design etc.

Setting up the tables




Integration with other OpenOffice components




Special facilities

eg. using address books etc.


Database theory including databases/data sources etc.

To refer to in the main text

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