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Getting a Picture Into the Gallery

If you want easier access to pictures, the Gallery is a nice feature. The locations of all the Gallery graphics and other Gallery info is stored in openoffice\share\gallery, in the .sdv files. Copy those files to other computers if you want them to have the same graphics, when you are done doing the configuration.

Getting a Picture From a Document

How do you get a graphic, that is just sitting in some OpenOffice document, into the Gallery? You could just copy it and paste it from that document to others, but putting it in the Gallery is more convenient.

  1. Open the document containing the graphic.
  2. If the Gallery is not showing, open the Gallery by choosing Tools > Gallery.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Select the theme, the category you want to put the graphic in, in the Gallery.
    • Or, if you want to make a new one, click New Theme. Type the new name and click OK. Then select that theme in the Gallery.
  4. Select the graphic and release the mouse.
  5. Click and hold down, and keep holding down on the graphic, for at least two seconds. Do not release the mouse, and drag the graphic into the Gallery.
    The graphic will appear in the Gallery, at whatever location is set up as your Gallery location, in a subdirectory for drag and drop.

Getting a Picture From a File

Some users find it difficult to navigate a file system, which is what you need to do if you are using Insert > Picture > From File. And, frankly, dragging from a nice pane of graphics, like the Gallery, is easier.

  1. Choose Tools > Gallery.
    The gallery will appear.
  2. Click New Theme.
  3. Click the General tab, and type the name of the theme that you want displayed in the Gallery.
  4. Click the Files tab and click Find Files.
  5. In the window that appears, go to the directory containing the graphics. The directory can contain subdirectories; all graphics in all subdirectories will be brought in for you to choose from. Click OK.
    All the graphics in that directory and any subdirectories will be brought into the Files tab window.
  6. Do one of the following:
    • To select specific graphics, use Ctrl select or Shift select. Select the Preview checkbox to see graphics. Then click Add.
    • To add all graphics, just click Add All.
      A window will show the graphics being added.
  7. Find more graphics and add them the same way, or just click OK. You'll see the graphics in the Gallery.


This How To comes from Solveig Haugland

Content on this page is licensed under the Public Documentation License (PDL).
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