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Returns a number as text with a specified format.


FIXED(number; decimals; omitseparators)

returns text representing number with decimals decimal places. If omitseparators (optional) is TRUE thousands separators will be omitted. In the absence of omitseparators thousands separators are included.
The thousands separator character used is dependent on your locale settings; see Tools - Options - Language Settings - Languages.


FIXED(1234567.89; 3)

returns 1,234,567.890 as text, if your locale uses a comma as the thousands separator.

FIXED(1234567.89; 3; TRUE)

returns 1234567.890 as text.


  • Because it depends on locale settings, FIXED should not be regarded as portable.
  • The omitseparators parameter appears in the formula bar as a number, rather than TRUE or FALSE. This does not affect its function.


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