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Converts legacy European national currencies to and from Euros.


CONVERT(value; currency1; currency2)

value is the amount of the currency to be converted.
currency1 and currency2 are the currency units to convert from and to respectively. These must be text, the official abbreviation for the currency (for example, "EUR"), as shown in the table below. The rates (shown per Euro) were set by the European Commission. The legacy currencies were replaced by the Euro in 2002.
"EUR" "ATS" 13.7603 Austrian Schilling
"EUR" "BEF" 40.3399 Belgian Franc
"EUR" "DEM" 1.95583 German Mark
"EUR" "ESP" 166.386 Spanish Peseta
"EUR" "FIM" 5.94573 Finnish Markka
"EUR" "FRF" 6.55957 French Franc
"EUR" "IEP" 0.787564 Irish Pound
"EUR" "ITL" 1936.27 Italian Lira
"EUR" "LUF" 40.3399 Luxembourg Franc
"EUR" "NLG" 2.20371 Dutch Guilder
"EUR" "PTE" 200.482 Portuguese Escudo
"EUR" "GRD" 340.750 Greek Drachma
Either currency1 or currency2 must be specified as Euros.



converts 100 Austrian Schillings into Euros.


converts 100 Euros into German Marks.


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