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Returns a value from a list, given an index number.


CHOOSE(index; value1; value2; ... value30)

value1 ... value30 are up to 30 values, each of which may be text, a number, a logical value, a reference or a formula.
index is an index number specifying which of value1 ... value30 to return; 1 returns value1, 2 returns value2, etc.


CHOOSE(1; "dog";"cat")

returns the text dog.

CHOOSE(2; "dog"; 65.4)

returns the number 65.4.

CHOOSE(3; "dog"; 65.4; B5)

returns the reference B5, so that =CHOOSE(3; "dog"; 65.4; B5) in a cell shows the contents of cell B5 in that cell (it is equivalent to =B5).

SUM(CHOOSE(1; B4:B5; B6))

returns the sum of the numbers in the range B4:B5.


returns 3, the square root of 9.

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