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This is a user FAQ for Writer.

This page has FAQs about indexe, tables of contents, and bibliographies in Writer.

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Tables of Contents

How do I insert a Table of Contents into my document?

Before inserting a Table of Contents, the Stylist must be used to identify headings.

To mark headings:

  • Highlight the paragraph heading.
  • Choose Format -> Stylist from the pull-down menu.
  • Double-click on your choice of Heading Level from the dialog box.
  • Mark all headings in your document as described above.

To insert the Table of Contents:

  • Place your text cursor at the location where you would like a Table of Contents
  • From the pulldown menus, select: Insert -> Indexes -> Indexes...
  • In the dialog that appears, make sure you are on the "Index" tab, then select the index "Type:" to be "Table of Contents"
  • You may want to adjust other settings in this dialog to create the type of TOC desired. For example, if you want a table of captions, you would click on the box next to "Additional Styles" and select your caption style.
  • Click on "OK"

How do I update my table of contents (TOC)? I've added more data and it does not reflect my new headings.

Click inside the TOC (so that your text cursor is blinking somewhere inside it), then right-click to get the context menu. Select "Update Index".

How do I make my Table of Contents be hyperlinks to the relevant part of the document?

When you create the Table of Contents you have the opportunity to create hypertext links. You can also edit the Table of Contents later to create or remove the hyperlinks.

In the dialog "Insert Index/Table" in the "Entries" tab, put the cursor in the blank area before the "E#" entry and click on the "Hyperlink" button. Now put the cursor in the blank area after the "#" and again click on the "Hyperlink" button. Now when you create the Table Of Contents it should be hyperlinked.

For more information, see Creating Tables of Contents, Indexes, and Bibliographies (PDF).

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