Thesaurus Fails After Upgrade to Apache OpenOffice 3.4

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Why does the Thesaurus cease to function after I upgrade to OOo 3.4?

The problem is in the English language extension that is included in the EN-us version of AOO. The extension has a number of variants; Canadian, Australian and others. One of the variants is causing a conflict with the US dictionary. The solution is to remove all the English dictionaries except English spelling any hyphenation dictionaries & thesaurus 2010.08.16.

To Remove Dictionaries

  1. Open AOO
  2. From the Menu Toolbar select Tools > Extension Manager
  3. Select the dictionary to delete
    Documentation caution.png Only select English variant dictionaries.
  4. Click the Delete Button
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until English spelling any hyphenation dictionaries & thesaurus 2010.08.16 is the only English dictionary.
  6. Close Extension Manager
  7. Close and restart AOO


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