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[[Category:User FAQ]]
[[Category:User FAQ]]
This is a [[FAQ:Overview|user FAQ]] for [[OpenOffice.org]] [[Writer]].
This is a [[FAQ:Overview|user FAQ]] for [[OpenOffice.org]] [[Writer]].

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doc OOo

This is a user FAQ for OpenOffice.org Writer.

Because of the number of FAQs for Writer, this section has been divided into several pages.

Automatic Functions
Document management, file formats, compatibility
Formatting Pages and Documents
Formatting Text
Graphics, Frames, Inserted Objects
Indexes, Tables of Contents, Bibliographies
Printing and Mail Merge

Other sources of information on Writer:

Note: Many of these FAQs were originally written for OpenOffice.org 1.x and may not have been updated to reflect changes in OOo 2.x. We are working on checking updating all of them, but this takes a lot of time and more volunteers are needed. If you find an answer that is out of date, please either correct it or leave a comment on the "Discussion" tab of the relevant page.

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