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Current FAQ Collections

FAQ Area Description
General Understanding the project, the licensing, and how the community works
Installation Addressing download, installation, and set up issues
Writer Using the word processor
Calc Using the spreadsheets
Draw Using the vector graphics module
Impress Using the presentation module
Formula Using the math editor
Databases Connecting and using with your favorite database
Developer FAQ Development of
Contributing to Doc Project Some tips to help you contribute to documentation

Mission Statement

The purpose of this project is to provide simple, on-line FAQ-based help files to the end-user community.

Project Summary

This project is a repository for questions that have been asked about the suite. After the questions are answered they deserve a place in these lists. To help site navigation, the FAQs have been separated into groups.

We are currently working to find the best way to build a usable set FAQs for the suite. This is one of a few lists of the FAQs in process. It is very possible that some of what you find here is incomplete; nonetheless, do not hesitate to report discrepancies. Our goal is to help you find the information you need as easily as possible. Any observations, criticisms, improvements, or other feedback is encouraged and very welcome. Let us know what works best for you. If you have a question that is not answered here, we suggest the following steps:

  • Subscribe to a mailing list that relates to the question you want to ask. These lists are direct links to developers and end-users alike. Most questions can probably be answered on these lists fairly quickly.
  • Once your question is answered, an email to us at the documentation project. Tell us which mailing list you selected, and the question you asked, then one of us will add your question to the list of FAQs.
  • Subscribe to the documentation project mailing list, and join the team of folks who work on OOo documentation. We are always looking for more good help.

Information for FAQ maintainers

  • Open documentation project FAQ related tasks reported in the Issue Tracker.
  • When updating FAQs, try to keep the information for older versions of intact, while adding information for newer versions. Let us support all users of, if we can.
  • Many thanks to all who help with this effort!
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