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==How can I record a macro?==
Go to <b>Tools > Macros > Record Macro</b>, then press the sequence of keystrokes you want. At the end of your sequence click on <b>Stop Recording</b>. In the new window that pops up, give the file a name and save it under <b>soffice > Standard > Module1</b>.
==How can I assign a macro to a key?==
# Go to <b>Tools > Macros > Macro...</b>, select the macro you wish to assign to a keystroke, then click <b>Assign</b>.
# Under the <b>Keyboard</b> tab, select some unused key for this action, like <b>F3</b> for instance.
# Click on <b>Modify</b>, then <b>OK</b>, then <b>Close</b>.
Now an <b>F3</b> keystroke will run the macro. If you save it under <b>soffice</b>, it will be available in all your OpenOffice.org documents.
The above is incorrect:
# Go to <b>Tools > Customize</b>.
# Select <b>Keyboard</b> Tab.
# Under <b>Category</b>, select <b>OpenOffice.org Macros</b>.
# Browse to the Macro containing the desired Function.
# Under <b>Function</b>, select the desired function.
# Under <b>Shortcut keys</b>, browse to and select the desired shortcut key.
# Click on <b>Modify</b>. The shortcut key now appears under <b>Keys</b>.
==How can I make a macro available for all new docs?==
# Open the document containing the macro.
# Go to Tools > Macro > Macro.
# On the Macro dialog, click on Organizer.
# On the macro organizer dialog, click on the Libraries tab.
# Make sure that soffice is selected under Application/Document. Then click on Append.
# Select .odt and click on Open. Make sure that the library called is selected. NOTE: The library called Standard should not be selected. Then press OK.
The library should now be available to every OpenOffice.org document.
==Can I use my Microsoft Office macros?==
Even though the OpenOffice.org macros are written in a form of StarBASIC, it isn't the same as what Microsoft uses. Macros written for MS Word or Excel for instance cannot be executed via OpenOffice.org; you'll need to re-write them. This has its benefits - it makes OOo documents less virus prone.
==Where can I find more info about macros?==
The OpenOffice.org [http://api.openoffice.org/ API project] is the OOo project that works the most with macros.
Additional resources for macros:
* [http://www.oooforum.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=9">Macros and API Forum]
* [http://scripting.openoffice.org/ Scripting Project]
* [http://api.openoffice.org/DevelopersGuide/DevelopersGuide.html Developer's Guide]
* [http://ext.openoffice.org.nz/doku.php OpenOffice.org Extensions Wiki]
* [http://www.ooomacros.org/ OOoMacros]
* [http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/hillview/OOo/ Iannz OpenOffice.org page]
* [http://www.pitonyak.org/oo.php">Andrew Pitonyak's OpenOffice.org Macro Information page]
* [http://www.darwinwars.com/lunatic/bugs/oo_macros.html">Andrew Brown's Open Office Macro Page]
* [http://documentation.openoffice.org/manuals/oooauthors2/ Getting Started with Macros]
* [http://documentation.openoffice.org/manuals/oooauthors2/ Introduction to Macros]
* [http://docs.sun.com/db/doc/817-1826?q=StarOffice Sun's Basic Programmer's Guide]

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