How do I install OpenOffice on Microsoft Windows?

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How do I install OpenOffice on Microsoft Windows?

Examples for Windows 7

The installation file for Windows from is a self-extracting EXE file. Download the file. Your browser will save the file to your harddrive.

  • Locate the downloaded file on your harddrive and double-click the file to start the installation.
You will be asked for a temporary folder to extract the files that are needed for installation. By default this is a new folder on your desktop. You can enter any other drive and folder.
Next, the files will be extracted to the folder and the Setup.exe program inside that folder is started automatically. Double-click the file named Setup.exe if it does not start automatically.
  • A guided installation dialog will begin and will step you through the installation process.
  • If you want to install to another drive and folder than the default 'C:\Program files', choose the User Defined setup and change the path.
For OOo 4.x, the next folder will be created:
'C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenOffice 4'
For OOo 3.x, the next folder will be created:
'C:\Program files\ 3'
  • After installation finished, you should not delete the folder with the extracted files, because these files will be required for a repair via Windows system manager.
  • Start OOo with the desktop icon, or from the OpenOffice menu in your Start menu.
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