Can I do the 'loop until escape' function in Impress?

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Can I do the 'loop until escape' function in Impress?

Yes, you can do this with Impress. You have to do two things to set it up.

First, the slides themselves need automatic transitions defined. To set that up, switch to to “Slide View”, and select all the slides. Then, choose “Slide Show” => “Slide Transition” from the menu. In the Slide Transition window, click the Extras button. On the Extras page that appears, click Automatic Transition and then use the spinner to set the length of time each slide should appear. Then, click the green checkmark to apply the setting. Close the Slide Transition window.

Next, from the menu, choose “Slide Show” => “Slide Show Settings”. In the dialog, choose Auto and set the spinner for the period of time to elapse between the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. If you want continuous viewing, set it to 0.

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