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I have a problem with the icons on the "command and functions" bar being displayed incorrectly. I see some doodles instead of the icons. How can I resolve this problem?

The problem may have two origins:

  • If the icons that are not displayed correctly are always the same ones, the image files were corrupted during installation (or subsequently during your daily work). We suggest that:
    • You use the special function in the OpenOffice.org Setup program, which you can find in the group 'OpenOffice.org' in the Windows Start menu (or use the setup script in the installation directory of OpenOffice.org if you are using the Linux version of the Suite).
    • A more drastic solution is to de-install the Suite and then to re-install it, remembering to save in another location your personal data that could be lost by doing such a re-install. We advise this only as a last resort.
  • If the defective icons vary from work session to work session, or if they return (correctly displayed) when you pass the mouse pointer over the image - and if such defects are also visible inside documents (especially drawing ones) - it may be due to your graphic card (driver). In this case:
    • First, press the following combination of keys inside your OOo application:'CTRL+Shift+R'. The screen will be redrawn and the less critical problems should be resolved.
    • If the previous step doesn't work for you, try changing the options for your graphical resolution or colour depth.
    • Use OpenGL off under Tools->Options->General->Other. Cards with known problems: ATI, Matrox, S3 Virge... Explanation: assume you have in a graphic standard spectrum of 150 features. Most of the cards support the top 10. Unfortunately, OpenOffice.org sometimes needs the support of the 142nd one...

If the problem remains, the last solution that we can recommend is to look for an update of the driver for your graphics card.

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