The list of recently opened files is too short.

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The list of recently opened files is too short. I need to see more items on this list. How do I achieve this?

The Recent Documents menu displays a maximum of 10 items in the list for versions of later than 1.1. It is possible to change this limit in the configuration, but there is currently no way to do this using the user interface.

You can use the History Manager Extension to set the number of items shown in the Recent Documents menu.

There is a macro here which can change this setting for you: Recent Files List Changer Macro

If using a macro is inconvient or you simply want to dig into, here's how:

  • You need to edit one of the configuration files. Before you do that, close all OOo windows, and also make sure that the Quickstarter is closed, too.
  • Now, on your computer, search for the file "...\user\registry\data\org\openoffice\Office\Common.xcu." If you find more than one file named "Common.xcu", make sure it's in the path specified here.
  • In this file, look for the line:
<node oor:name="History">
  • Now, directly after this line, add the following lines:
<prop oor:name="PickListSize" oor:type="xs:int">
  • The example above sets the number of items to 15. You can choose any number up to a maximum of 100.
  • Save.

Once you've opened and closed the next file in OOo, the list of recently opened files will have grown by one line. Its maximum number of items will be the value you've specified; in the above example that's 20.

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