How do I protect cells in my spreadsheet?

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How do I protect cells in my spreadsheet?

Cell protection is active for all cells by default. If only certain cells are to be protected, this setting must be turned off.

To exclude cells from the protection:

  1. Select the cells to be excluded from protection
    Hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on non-adjacent cells to highlight the ones that are to be protected.
    If you only want to protect a small number of cells, it may be easier to clear the protection for all cells and the re-activate protection for the appropriate cells. For this, select the entire spreadsheet: press CTRL+A or click on the little gray box above row 1 and to the left of column A.
  2. Select Format - Cells from the main menu
  3. Click on the Cell Protection tab
  4. Clear the check mark for the Protected option
  5. Click OK

Initially however, the protection is not activated. To activate the protection:

  • Select Tools - Protect Document - Sheet to protect the current sheet only
  • Select Tools - Protect Document - Document to protect all sheets in the current document

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