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* [[#How_do_I_open_a_tab-delimited_file_in_OpenOffice.org_Spreadsheet._What_if_I_have_a_different_type_of_delimiter.]]
* [[Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/How_do_I_open_a_tab-delimited_file_in_OpenOffice.org_Spreadsheet._What_if_I_have_a_different_type_of_delimiter.]]

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Why does Calc refuse to open my .txt file?

A text file with tabular values must be imported into Calc using .csv format. You cannot open it by double-clicking on the file name, unless it has the .csv extension, since a text file will automatically open in Writer.

If you want to open a .txt file with tabular data using Calc:

  • Rename the file so that it uses the .csv file extension.


  • Select File - Open from the menu and select Text CSV from the File type list.
    This is quite a way down in the list so it is easy to miss. An easy way of navigating there is to press T several times when inside the list field until the filter name comes up.

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