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Forms as technical objects are also part of the document model. In contrast to control models, forms do not have a view representation. For every control model, there is a control the user interacts with, and presents the data back to the user. For the form, there is no view component.

The basic service for logical forms is com.sun.star.form.component.Form. See below for details regarding this service. For now, we are interested in that it exposes the com.sun.star.form.FormComponent service, as well as the com.sun.star.form.FormComponents service. This means it is part of a form component container, and it is a container. Thus, in our hierarchy of models, it can be any node, such as an inner node having children, that is, other form components, as well as a leaf node having no children, but a parent container. Of course both of these roles are not exclusive. This is how data aware forms implement master-detail relationships. Refer to the Data Awareness.

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