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Driver Specifics

Currently, there are nine driver implementations. Some support only the simple service, some additionally the more extended service from that includes the support for tables, columns, keys, indexes, groups and users. This section describes the capabilities and the missing functionality in some database drivers. Below is a list of all available drivers.

Driver URL Solaris Linux Windows
JDBC jdbc:subprotocol:
ODBC 3.5 sdbc:odbc:datasource name
Adabas D sdbc:adabas:database name
ADO sdbc:ado:ADO specific
dBase sdbc:dbase:Location of folder or file
Flat file format (csv) sdbc:flat:Location of folder or file
Apache OpenOffice Calc sdbc:calc:Location of Apache OpenOffice Calc file
Mozilla addressbook (Mozilla, Outlook, Outlook Express and LDAP) sdbc:address:Kind of addressbook
Embedded HSQLDB sdbc:embedded:hsqldb
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