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It is recommended to use the numeric field control if the user input is limited to numeric values. The numeric value is controlled by the Value property, which is of type Double. A minimum and maximum value for user input is defined by the ValueMin and the ValueMax property. The decimal accuracy of the numeric value is specified by the DecimalAccuracy property, for example, a value of 6 corresponds to 6 decimal places. If the ShowThousandsSeparator property is set to True, a thousands separator is displayed. The numeric field also has a built-in spin button, enabled by the Spin property. The spin button is used to increment and decrement the displayed numeric value by clicking with the mouse, whereas the step is set by the ValueStep property.

  oNumericFieldModel = oDialog.Model.NumericField1
  oNumericFieldModel.Value = 25.40
  oNumericFieldModel.DecimalAccuracy = 2
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