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A label field control displays text that the user can no edit on the screen. For example, the label field is used to add descriptive labels to text fields, list boxes, and combo boxes. The actual text displayed in the label field is controlled by the Label property. The Align property allows the user to set the alignment of the text in the control to the left (0), center (1) or right (2). By default, the label field displays the text from the Label property in a single line. If the text exceeds the width of the control, the text is truncated. This behavior is changed by setting the MultiLine property to True, so that the text is displayed on more than one line, if necessary. By default, the label field control is drawn without any border. However, the label field appears with a border if the Border property is set, where 0 is no border, 1 is a 3D border, and 2 is a simple border. The font attributes of the text in the label field are specified by the FontDescriptor property. It is recommended to set this property with the property browser in the dialog editor.

Label fields are used to define shortcut keys for controls without labels. A shortcut key can be defined for any control with a label by adding a tilde (~) before the character that will be used as a shortcut. When the user presses the character key simultaneously with the ALT key, the control automatically gets the focus. To assign a shortcut key to a control without a label, for example, a text field, the label field is used. The tilde prefixes the corresponding character in the Label property of the label field. As the label field cannot receive focus, the focus automatically moves to the next control in the tab order. Therefore, it is important that the label field and the text field have consecutive tab indices.

  oLabelModel = oDialog.Model.Label1
  oLabelModel.Label = "Enter ~Text"
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