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Look here if you are unfamiliar with mediawiki templates.

If you create a new template to be used in the wiki documentation, name it as a subpage of Documentation

  • wrong: mytemplate
  • right: Documentation/mytemplate

We don't need to create a subhierarchy for templates under Documentation (like "Documentation/templates") since all templates live inside the Template: namespace, anyway.

Current list of templates and their use

Template name Parameters Usage Example Notes
Documentation/FAQTOC none Add to FAQ pages for navigating the FAQ section
Documentation/hbar 1=width, 2=color Draws a horizontal bar {{Documentation/hbar|23|red}}
good for drawing bar "charts"
Documentation/DraftPage none Displays a box marking a page as draft
Documentation/NavigationTemplate varying a template for book style navigation, see description in the template
Documentation/BeingEdited none Displays a box marking the page as being worked on
Documentation/GettingStartedTOC none Add to Getting Started pages for navigating Getting Started Guide
Spacer 1=margin-height in pixels Adds a section of space --

Graphical Content


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