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Template:Documentation/Banner This page lists current tasks for the user guides. When you accept or complete a task, please add your name or initials and the date in the relevant columns. Some tasks can be done by more than one person at the same time; for example, different people might update individual chapters of a book. Add extra lines to the table as needed to show these chapters.

All work to be done through the ODFAuthors website, unless specifically listed as to be done on the wiki. See this page for guidelines on updating chapters.

This list is incomplete and may be out of date. Before starting a task, please check with the ODFAuthors mailing list to see if it has been started by someone else.

Task Priority Your name Start date Finish date
All books: Improve the indexing. High
Revise Getting Started guide: See Proposal for Major Revision of Getting Started Guide Medium
Revise Writer Guide: See Proposal for Major Revision of Writer Guide Medium
Base Guide: review draft chapters Medium Various people are working on Chs 1,2,3,4
XForms and OpenDocument in OOo - update and repurpose as a how-to or tutorial Low Andy Brown 28 Aug 2010
Review and correct documentation on printing Envelopes. See discussion and links on this thread and this one.
Write user guide for Writer/Web? Low
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