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Help "Guides" (How-to instructions)

Calc functions

A typical help text for a Calc function should follow this scheme of paragraph styles:

Style Function Example
hidden text Index entry <BOOKMARKVALUE>DATE function</BOOKMARKVALUE>
hlp_head2, 16p, bold, capital letters Second level heading DATE
hlp_paragraph Function description This function converts a date written as year, month, day to an internal serial number and displays it in the cell's formatting. ...
hlp_head3, 14p, bold, without colon Third level heading Syntax
hlp_code, no blank before and after brackets, arguments are separated by colon and blank, arguments begin with a capital letter, arguments that consist of more than one word are contracted (ex.: DegreesFreedom) Syntax definition DATE(Year; Month; Day)
hlp_paragraph, 10p, argument is bold without colon Explanation of function arguments Year is an integer between 1583 and 9956 or 0 and 99. ...
hlp_head3, 14p, bold, without colon Third level heading Example
hlp_paragraph Example =DATE("00;1;1") yields 1/1/00
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