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Competitive Documentation Analysis


Project Owner

Martina Waller

Competitor Products Microsoft Office WordPerfect Office SoftMaker Office GNOME Office KOffice
Writer Word WordPerfect TextMaker AbiWord KWord
Calc Excel QuattroPro PlanMaker Gnumeric KSpread/KChart
Impress PowerPoint Presentations Presentations - KPresenter
Draw - - (vector drawing integrated in TextMaker) (GIMP/Inkscape) Karbon14/Krita
Base (Access) (Paradox) DataMaker Gnome-DB Kexi
Math - - Editor for math. formulas - Kformula
Windows, Unix, Linux, (OS X) Windows, OS X Windows Windows, Linux Windows, Unix, (OS X) Unix, Linux

Other competitor products that were not analyzed are:

For further information look at Comparison of office suites in Wikipedia

Analysis Criteria

  • Documentation types:

    to get an overview of how much documentation is designed for being printed and how much documentation is designed for online use, and to see what different types of documentation are existing (help, manuals, tutorials, training courses, videos, tips and tricks ...)

  • Search functions

    to have a closer look at the different search functionalities in Application Help and printed documentation (search boxes, index, glossary, chapter headings ...)

  • Information types

    to rate the distribution of the four information types:

    • instructional information: detailed stepwise instructions
    • conceptual information: explanation of specific office terms, particularly important for beginners
    • referential information: functional descriptions (of dialog items or spreadsheet functions for example)
    • examplary information: examples that help to understand actions and concepts.

  • Visualization
  • Navigation
  • Contents organization

Competitive Analysis

Recommendations for OpenOffice

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