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* Navigation
* Navigation
* Contents organization
* Contents organization
==Competitive Analysis==
==Recommendations for OpenOffice==
==Recommendations for OpenOffice==

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Editing.png Статья в работе (ЧЕРНОВИК), и находится в процессе написания.

Competitive Documentation Analysis


Project Owner

Martina Waller

Competitor Products

OpenOffice.org/StarOffice Microsoft Office WordPerfect Office SoftMaker Office GNOME Office KOffice
Writer Word WordPerfect TextMaker AbiWord KWord
Calc Excel QuattroPro PlanMaker Gnumeric KSpread/KChart
Impress PowerPoint Presentations Presentations - KPresenter
Draw - - (vector drawing integrated in TextMaker) (GIMP/Inkscape) Karbon14/Krita
Base Access (Paradox) DataMaker Gnome-DB Kexi
Math - - Editor for math. formulas - Kformula
Windows, Unix, Linux, (OS X) Windows, OS X Windows Windows, Linux Windows, Unix, (OS X) Unix, Linux

Other competitor products that were not analyzed are:

For further information look at Comparison of office suites in Wikipedia

Analysis Criteria

  • Documentation types
  • Search functions
  • Information types
  • Visualization
  • Navigation
  • Contents organization

Competitive Analysis

Recommendations for OpenOffice

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