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Template:Documentation/Banner This page will serve as Dashboard for the Documentation project to allow high-level tracking of documentation sub-projects and content deliverables.

Documentation Bits

Project Status Owner Help Wanted
Installation Guide (formerly Setup Guide) Completed for OOoV3.2.1 TBD Update as needed for AOOv3.4; rebrand
User Guides In progress Jean Rebrand for AOO. Update source documents; plan improvements to existing books. See task list for user guides.

See also guide for producing user guides. Source docs are developed at ODFAuthors website.

Developer's Guide Transferred to wiki TBD Review/Ongoing - needs to have each chapter reviewed and verified for accuracy.
BASIC Programming Guide Transferred to wiki TBD Stable for 3.x release
Administration Guide Transferred to wiki TBD Rewrite started.  Admin Guide contents are very old and apply to 2.x and even earlier in some cases.
How Tos Transferred to wiki TBD Update as needed
FAQ Transferred to wiki TBD Consolidate and update FAQs from several sources
Clean up FAQs
Application Online Help Proposed Uwe?
Samples, Templates and Clipart in progress Martina?
Tutorials Proposed Jean Create tutorials targeted at specific audiences; see this page for details.
Update Doc Project webpages
In progress Jean

Specific pages in need of help:

SetupGuide v2

Common install instructions

Internal/Umbrella Projects

Project Status Owner Help Wanted
Wiki Help stalled <TBD>
Wiki Editing Policy ongoing <TBD>
Wiki Books started <TBD>
Structure of the Documentation project proposed Martina
Help Release Process planned <TBD>
Curriculum Development proposed <TBD>
Help Content Cleanup proposed Martina
Competitive Documentation Analysis ongoing Martina please help discussing the results
OOo-MSO Compatibility proposed <TBD> Collect info: problems & solutions
Help Style Guide in progress Martina please report further Style inconsistencies
Word List for User Guides Draft Jean Add more words and phrases as needed

Old project related information

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