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This page will serve as Dashboard for the Documentation project to allow high-level tracking of documentation sub-projects and content deliverables.

For a description of the "status quo" of the documentation project that should serve as input for further discussions about a general reorganization of the project (see also here).

Documentation Bits

Project Status Owner Help Wanted
Setup Guide Maintenance Mode <TBD>
User Manuals (OOoAuthors) In progress Jean Clean up wiki pages, add figures from ODT files
User Manuals
Developer Documentation Proposed Clayton Any
How Tos Unknown <TBD> Any
FAQ In progress <TBD> Consolidate and update FAQs from several sources
Application Online Help Proposed Uwe
Samples, Templates and Clipart Unknown Scott
Tutorials Unknown <TBD>

Internal/Umbrella Projects

Project Status Owner Help Wanted
Put the Help online proposed Frank
Structure of the Documentation project proposed <TBD>
Developer's Guide to Wiki proposed Clayton
Curriculum Development proposed <TBD>
Help Content Cleanup proposed Frank
Documentation/Competitive Documentation Analysis evaluation phase Martina please help discussing the results
Documentation Terminology Glossary proposed <TBD>
Extensible Help proposed Andreas Bregas
OOo-MSO Compatibility proposed <TBD> Collect info: problems & solutions
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