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This page will serve as Dashboard for the Documentation project to allow high-level tracking of documentation sub-projects and content deliverables.

For now, this is a description of the "status quo" of the documentation project, that should serve as input for further discussions about a geeral reorganization of the project (see also here).

Website Content

The documentation web site repository contains a total of around 5700 files organized into different subdirectories. The following list is an incomplete tree of the documentation/www repository:

|-- HOW_TO
|-- Samples_Templates
|-- articles
|-- book_reviews
|-- contests
|-- faqs
|-- id
|-- it
|-- manuals
|-- online_help
|-- quickstart
|-- setup_guide2
|-- testdir
|-- tutorials
|-- user_faq
`-- zh


HOW_TO is divided into the following subsections:

Document Title Format(s) Size Age (y)[1] License Owner/Author Notes Up-to-date?
Section data_source
SQLite Using SQLite Database with PDF, SXW 27p 3 PDLv1 Yves Chaufour (French version) translated by Gerry Singleton
data1_EN How to Create a Data Source from Scratch HTML, SXW 11p 3 PDLv1 Scott Carr
how_to_link_tables_using_named_parameters How to Link Tables Using SQL Named Parameters PDF, SXW, HTML 42 3 PDLv1 Scott Carr
Section drawing_graphics
documentationdraw_en How to get to grips with Draw PDF, SXW 125p 2 none specified Michel Pinquier PDF is corrupt
draw1_EN How To Compose a Document with Simple Geometric Shapes, to Change their Attributes (color, size, position, ...) and to Print the Result. PDF, HTML 13p 5 none specified Gianluca Turconi

[1] as per CVS statistics

Section/Directory Documents

  • data_source
  • drawing_graphics
  • formula
  • impress
  • misc
  • spreadsheet
  • various_topics
  • word_processing


The master issue list has a total of 151 issues, 129 (85%) of which are owned by issues@documentation, i.e. no-one.

Age Distribution

This tables shows how old the issues are (day of creation and day of last modification).

Age Distribution
Age in Years Creation Date Modification Date
Issues  % Issues  %
<1 7 4.6% Template:Documentation/hbar 26 17.2% Template:Documentation/hbar
1-2 12 7.9% Template:Documentation/hbar 14 9.3% Template:Documentation/hbar
2-3 5 3.3% Template:Documentation/hbar 5 3.3% Template:Documentation/hbar
3-4 124 82.1% Template:Documentation/hbar 106 70.2% Template:Documentation/hbar
>4 3 2.0% Template:Documentation/hbar 0 0%
Status Distribution

This tables shows the distribution of the status values for the issues

Status Distribution
Status Issues  %
NEW 131 86.8% Template:Documentation/hbar
STARTED 17 11.3% Template:Documentation/hbar
UNCONFIRMED 2 1.3% Template:Documentation/hbar
REOPENED 1 0.7% Template:Documentation/hbar


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