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The Developer's Guide is designed to be the main resource for developers to find technical background information related to UNO and the API.

The Developer's Guide chapter "UNO_Language_Bindings" provides a detailed description for the available UNO language bindings with the exception of a sub chapter for the Python UNO language binding. The Python binding has existed for several years, but the documentation for this binding is still missing.


The task of this bounty is to create a new sub chapter "Python Language Binding" under UNO_Language_Bindings". The structure of this chapter should be aligned to the structure of the existing chapters for example the Java Language Binding or C++ Language Binding.

Knowledge requirements

The Owner of this bounty must have a deep knowledge of Python, PythonUNO and UNO in general.

Content on this page is licensed under the Public Documentation License (PDL).
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