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(OpenOffice.org Bounty Guidelines)
(Current Bounties)
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| [[Documentation/Bounties/Sort|Gather and sort]]  
| [[Documentation/Bounties/Sort|Gather and sort]]  
| Gather and sort the basic development information found in the Wiki  
| Gather and sort the basic development information found in the Wiki  
| 200€
| 100€
| 3 weeks  
| 3 weeks  

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Coming soon, Documentation bounties...

What are Bounties?

Bounties are monetary rewards for contributions to an open source project. These bounties are offered for specific, defined projects within an open source project. When the goal of a specific bounty is achieved to the satisfaction of the reviewer, the bounty money is paid out of the person who completed the bounty requirements.

OpenOffice.org Documentation Bounties

The OpenOffice.org Documentation project and the OpenOffice.org Community Council are offering bounties on some specific OpenOffice.org Development documentation projects. These bounties will cover tasks from collecting and sorting development information and documentation up to producing and publishing documentation detailing how to contribute as an OpenOffice.org developer.

OpenOffice.org Bounty Guidelines

  1. Each documentation task will be defined in the Current Bounties table.
  2. A task that has an incomplete prerequisite task cannot be assigned or started until the prerequisite task is completed.
  3. To accept a task, you must communicate with the Reviewer via the Documentation Project mailing list. The task will be assigned to you and you become the Owner.
  4. Owners are expected to complete the assigned task within the agreed time, and to the agreed quality.
  5. When a test is completed by an Owner, the Reviewer will review the task, and approve it if it is complete.
    • Reviewers will work with the owner to make sure that the tasks are completed to a level that meets the minimum requirements of each bounty/task.
  6. Conditions of payout of bounties:
    • Bounties will be paid out as agreed when a task is completed, and the Reviewer has agreed that the minimum conditions of the task have been met.
    • Bounties will be paid out by wired bank transfer or PayPal.
  7. Conditions of incomplete tasks and non-payment of bounties
    • If an Owner knows they will miss the agreed deadline for a task, they should communicate with the Reviewer and an extension can be agreed on. If a task is repeatedly extended, the value of the bounty will be decreased, or the task will be canceled as agreed between the Owner and Reviewer.
    • Any task that is incomplete at the agreed deadline will be closed, or reopened for other people to work on. The bounty will not be paid out to the Owner who did not complete the task.

Current Bounties

Task number Date opened Prerequisite task Topic Description Bounty Project length Date accepted Percent complete Owner Reviewer
1 24 May, 2010 None Gather and sort Gather and sort the basic development information found in the Wiki 100€ 3 weeks 0% Unassigned CC/JSC
2 24 May 2010 None DevGuide Python Binding Create a new sub chapter Python Language Binding under UNO_Language_Bindings". 600€ 5 weeks 0% Unassigned CC/JSC/SB
More Bounties are coming soon

Completed Bounties

Topic Description Bounty Date completed Owner Reviewer Paid out

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