The Structure of Spreadsheet Documents

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The document object of a spreadsheet is based on the service. Each of these documents may contain several spreadsheets. In this guide, a table-based document or spreadsheet document is the entire document, whereas a spreadsheet (or sheet for short) is a sheet (table) in the document.



You can access the individual sheets of a spreadsheet document through the Sheets list.

The following examples show you how to access a sheet either through its number or its name.

Example 1: access by means of the number (numbering begins with 0)

Dim Doc As Object
Dim Sheet As Object

Doc = StarDesktop.CurrentComponent
Sheet  = Doc. Sheets (0)

Example 2: access by means of the name

Dim Doc As Object
Dim Sheet As Object

Doc = StarDesktop.CurrentComponent
Sheet = Doc.Sheets.getByName("Sheet 1")

In the first example, the sheet is accessed by its number (counting begins at 0). In the second example, the sheet is accessed by its name and the getByName method.

The Sheet object that is obtained by the getByName method supports the service. In addition to providing several interfaces for editing the content, this service provides the following properties:

IsVisible (Boolean)
the spreadsheet is visible.
PageStyle (String)
name of the page template for the spreadsheet.

Creating, Deleting and Renaming Sheets

The Sheets list for a spreadsheet document is also used to create, delete, and rename individual sheets. The following example uses the hasByName method to check if a sheet called MySheet exists. If it does, the method determines a corresponding object reference by using the getByName method and then saves the reference in a variable in Sheet. If the corresponding sheet does not exist, it is created by the createInstance call and inserted in the spreadsheet document by the insertByName method.

Dim Doc As Object
Dim Sheet As Object

Doc = StarDesktop.CurrentComponent
Sheet = Doc.Sheets(0)

If Doc.Sheets.hasByName("MySheet") Then
   Sheet = Doc.Sheets.getByName("MySheet")
   Sheet = Doc.createInstance("")
   Doc.Sheets.insertByName("MySheet", Sheet)
End If

The getByName and insertByName methods are from the interface as described in Introduction to the API.

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