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In many respects, the structure of Apache OpenOffice forms corresponds to the dialogs. There are, however, a few key differences:

  • Dialogs appear in the form of one single dialog window, which is displayed over the document and does not permit any actions other than dialog processing until the dialog is ended. Forms, on the other hand, are displayed directly in the document, just like drawing elements.
  • A dialog editor is provided for creating dialogs, and this can be found in the Apache OpenOffice Basic development environment. Forms are created using the Form Controls and the Form Design Toolbar directly within the document.
  • Whereas the dialog functions are available in all Apache OpenOffice documents, the full scope of the form functions are only available in text and spreadsheets.
  • The control elements of a form can be linked with an external database table. This function is not available in dialogs.
  • The control elements of dialogs and forms differ in several aspects.

Users who want to provide their forms with their own methods for event handling, should refer to the Dialogs chapter. The mechanisms explained there are identical to those for forms.

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