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The Apache OpenOffice API is a universal programming interface for access to Apache OpenOffice. You can use the Apache OpenOffice API to create, open, modify and print out Apache OpenOffice documents. It provides the option of extending the functional scope of Apache OpenOffice through personal macros and allows personal dialogs to be written.

The Apache OpenOffice API may not only be used with Apache OpenOffice Basic, but also with other programming languages such as Java and C++. A technique called Universal Network Objects (UNO) which provides an interface to various programming languages makes this possible.

This chapter centers on how Apache OpenOffice can be used in Apache OpenOffice Basic with the aid of UNO. It describes the main concepts of UNO from the standpoint of a Apache OpenOffice Basic programmer. Details on how to work with the various parts of the Apache OpenOffice API can be found in the following chapters:

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