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== Galician (Spain) ==
== Galician (Spain) ==
* [http://ftp.services.openoffice.org/pub/OpenOffice.org/contrib/dictionaries/gl_ES.zip Spelling] 2007-05-04 Hunspell version. [http://www.mancomun.org Home page]
* [http://ftp.services.openoffice.org/pub/OpenOffice.org/contrib/dictionaries/gl_ES.zip Spelling] 16 May 2008 Hunspell version. [http://www.mancomun.org Home page]
* [http://ftp.services.openoffice.org/pub/OpenOffice.org/contrib/dictionaries/gl_ES-pack.zip Pack] 2006-05-04 Hunspell version. [http://www.mancomun.org Home page]
* [http://ftp.services.openoffice.org/pub/OpenOffice.org/contrib/dictionaries/gl_ES-pack.zip Pack] 16 May 2008 Hunspell version. [http://www.mancomun.org Home page]
== Gascon (France) ==
== Gascon (France) ==

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This page lists spell checker dictionaries, hyphenation files, and thesauri for OpenOffice.org.

To install a new dictionary, call "File -> Wizards -> Install new dictionaries" in OpenOffice.org. Then exit and re-start OpenOffice.org, including the Quickstarter (if used). Most of the files on this page are available for installation via the wizard. If not, download the Pack file, and use the "off-line language installation" option of DicOOo wizard.

From OpenOffice.org 3.0 on this wizard is not longer available. Dictionaries are now available via the extensions repository.

OpenOffice.org dictionaries wizard in Ubuntu.

If the window is too small when using the File>Wizards>Install new dictionaries then make sure visual effects (compiz) are disabled (that is: change from "Extra" or "Normal" to "None" in Ubuntu System | Settings | Appearance | Visual Effect tab). In order to use this wizard in Ubuntu (tested on Kubuntu 7.10) you need to have the package openoffice.org installed in addition to standard installation of open-office.org-writer and open-office.org-calc. You can do this by typing sudo apt-get install openoffice.org

You are free to add other resources, but please note that files which are supposed to be installable using OpenOffice.org's integrated wizard (DicOOo) need to be hosted on the official server (ftp.services.openoffice.org). Please contact the lingucomponent mailing list or dnaber at openoffice org to upload your files there.

OpenOffice.org dictionaries in Fedora. In Fedora, dictionaries can be install using yum. To install open office, you can use the "Add/Remove Software" application, or you can do this from the command line with "yum install openoffice.org-writer". The languages can then be installed using something like "yum install openoffice.org-langpack-fr" to install the french language support. A list of currently installed and available languages can be seen using "yum list openoffice.org-langpack*".

All Language Packs: PackFull (58MB) Sep 14 2007
Download the pack_full zip if you want to redistribute all available dictionaries in your network. Download page is in German, just click the button "Download starten" to get the file. A mirror will be chosen automatically.

Tools for dictionary developers:
Spellchecker: Hunspell.
Hyphenator: Hyphen.
Thesaurus: OpenOffice.org MyThes.
Grammar checker: LanguageTool.

More information on the file formats of dictionaries can be found on the Lingucomponent Project homepage.


Afrikaans (South Africa)

Amharic (Ethiopia)

Arabic (North Africa and Middle East)

Armenian (Eastern and Western)

Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan)


  • Spelling 2006-10-06 (note: use ANY country code in dictionary.lst, see documentation. anther note: license is absent in the package, so at least some distributions avoid including of this package. Consider adding AUTHORS and License files in this package.)

Bengali (India)

Bulgarian (Bulgaria)


Chichewa (Malawi)

Coptic (North Africa)

Croatian (Croatia)

Czech (Czech Republic)

Danish (Denmark)

Dutch (Netherlands)

English (AU,CA,GB,NZ,US,ZA)

Esperanto (anywhere)

Estonian (Estonia)

Faroese (Faroe Islands)

Persian (Iran)

Finnish (Finland)

NOTE: Hunspell is not capable of handling Finnish language properly, so these dictionaries should not be used. Instead, Voikko project should be used, either via Enchant (a recommended spell-checking library for any project, supports also hunspell) or directly in OOo via openoffice.org-voikko provided by the project also.

French (France, ...)

About the new french spelling, please read: Reforms of French orthography (en), Réforme de l'orthographe (fr) and Orthographe recommandée (fr)

OpenOffice.org 3.x extensions : Classique & Réforme 1990, Classique, Réforme 1990. These extensions include the spelling and hyphenation dictionaries and the thesaurus.

Spelling [Orthographe] :

Hyphenation [Césures] :

Thesaurus [Synonymes] :


The French project: Dicollecte

Frisian (Netherlands)

  • Spelling (version 0.12, 2007-11-28)
  • Pack (version 0.11, 2007-02-22)

Galician (Spain)

Gascon (France)

Requires OOo 2.1 or later

German (Germany, ...)

Greek (Greece)

Hebrew (Israel)

Hindi (India)

  • Spelling 2005-01-27
  • HindiWriter includes a Hindi Spell Checker(engine and dictionary) that works with OpenOffice.org 2.0 for Windows.
  • Pack 2007-02-19

Hungarian (Hungary)

Icelandic (Iceland)

Indonesian (Indonesia)

Interlingua (x-register)

Irish (Ireland)

Italian (Italy)

You can find how to install Italian dictionaries in the dictionary home page (Italian language only).

Per sapere come fare ad installare i dizionari qui sotto riportati andare all'home page dello strumento linguistico desiderato (solo in lingua italiana).

Kashubian (Poland)

Khmer (Cambodia)

Kinyarwanda (Rwanda)

Kiswahili (East Africa)

Kurdish (Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq)

Latin (x-register)

  • Spelling:
    • COL1.0ß 2006-01-27 by Marjorie Burghart
  • Pack 2002-05-05

Latvian (Latvia)

Lithuanian (Lithuania)

Luxembourgish (Luxembourg)

Malagasy (Madagascar)

Malay (Malaysia)

Māori (Aotearoa)

Te Papakupu Māori should be considered the source for Māori dictionaries from now on. The following packages are being auto-generated:

Contact me if you would like tailored packages auto-generated for upstream projects.

-- Kiharoa

Marathi (India)

Mongolian (Mongolia)

  • Spelling 2008-07-29 (see the attachment)

Ndebele (South Africa)

Nepali (Nepal)

Northern Sotho (South Africa)

Norwegian (Norway)

Occitan (France)

Oriya (India)

Persian (Iran)

Polish (Poland)

Portuguese (Portugal + Brasil)

Punjabi (India)

Quechua (Bolivia)

  • Pack (Spelling) 2007-05-09

Romanian (Romania)

Previous releases:

Russian (Russia)

Scottish Gaelic (Scotland)

Setswana (Africa)

Slovak (Slovakia)

Slovenian (Slovenia)

Southern Sotho (South Africa)

Spanish (Spain, ...)

For IE7Pro Spellchecker

Swazi/Swati (South Africa)

Swedish (Sweden)

Tagalog (Philippines)

Tamil (India)

Tetum (Indonesia)

Thai (Thailand)

Tsonga (South Africa)

Ukrainian (Ukraine)

Urdu (Pakistan)

also bound to Urdu (India)

Uzbek (Uzbekistan)

Venda (South Africa)

Vietnamese (Vietnam)

Wayunaiki (Venezuela)

Welsh (Wales)

Xhosa (South Africa)

Zulu (Africa)

Northern Sami

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