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There are documents also in DE - FR - ES -PT

On this page you find links to Base documentation ordered by languages and topics. It may be helpful for authors and translators.

This page is considered to be "Work in Progress". Please add documents you are missing to this list.

Resources related to Base:




  • Base
Description of Base (short overview)
  • User Guides (Getting started with Base) - PDF
Getting started with Base
Learn how to create a database, queries, forms and reports and connect to and use other data sources within OOo-Base.
  • Base Manual Base Primer
Initial Authors: Andre 'Drew' Jensen, Frank Schoenheit, et al.
A short screenshot-guided overview on how to use Base.
  • Beginners - Example Database - Base Tutorial
Initial author: Andrew 'Drew' Jensen
This tutorial covers creating a first database using OOoBase. It is intended for those that have not used Base before or those that have never used any database manager.
  • Mid Level Base tutorial
Base Tutorial
Initial author: Mariano
-- under construction --
  • Base and Macros
Pitonyak's document
Initial author: Andrew Pitonyak
This documentation focuses on operating a database with the help of Macros.
  • Database: "ooBase", aka "Base"
Base Tutorial by
Initial author: TK Boyd
After a short introduction some every day tasks like importing data from other tables are explained.
  • Bringing data into OpenOffice 2.0's database
Initial author: Solveig Haugland
Screenshot guided tutorial on how to import data into Base.




description followed
  • Sun Report Builder (Reference)
description follow''
  • Functions in Reports
Functions and Expressions
description follow


  • Working basis to make the user guide better
description followed
  • Using Macros in Database Files
'Specification to develope this functionality


  • Common tasks
Initial author: Andrew 'Drew' Jensen
Many good questions, no answers.


  • HSQLDB Tips and Tricks
description followed


  • Base New Driver Tutorial

Initial author: Robert Vojta

This small How-To contains a simple step-by-step introduction on how to put your driver inside the connectivity module. The second part of this document covers differences between a driver in connectivity module and a driver in an UNO package.

  • Better Database Drivers

Initial author:Eric Bischoff

Some ideas for a better and simpler infrastructure for database drivers

  • Connecting to Microsoft Access

Initial author: Regina Henschel

These article describes how to connect to a Microsoft Access database file, if you use a MS Windows operating system.

  • Base - Database Drivers

  • Connecting with MySQL

An overview page

  • Native PostgreSQL Driver

  • SQL-lite Driver

  • mdb-sdbc-driver-0.1.0

Initial author: Wind Li (yl146652 [at] openoffice [dot] org)

It is a try to connect a Linux system to MS Access. There is no further development.

  • A working page

  • MSA-Base Faq

  • Firebird driver update for

Jaybird Base support



  • Base Example (Overview)

Initial author: Frank Schönheit

  • Standard Distributed Schema

Concrete Examples

  • A club membership database

Initial author: Andrew 'Drew' Jensen

Description of creating an example database

  • Base Example



Connecting To A Remote MySQL Database] (event. 1.x)



End user documentation



OOo Database Development
OOo Database QA
OOo General Database Info

Initial author : Mechtilde Stehmann 24 September 2007
Please do not change the logical content of this site without acknowledge of the author or the OOo QA Project Lead/Co-Leads. This side is linked by the online help.

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