Creating cross-references in documents

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In documents, you can create cross-references that allow you to jump to specific text passages and objects in a document. A cross-reference consists of a target and a reference that are inserted as fields in the document.

To create a cross-reference, perform the following steps:
  1. Click to place the cursor where you want to insert the cross-reference.
  2. Click Insert > Cross-reference.
    D cross reference.jpg
  3. Select the destination type that you want in the Type field. Then the destinations are all listed in the Selection field. Select one that you want. Here are the destination types of the cross-reference:
    All the paragraphs with heading style
    Bookmarks in the document
    Numbered Paragraphs
    Paragraphs with numbering and bullet settings
  4. In the Insert reference to field, select the cross-reference type that you want to use. Here are the cross-reference types:
    Displays the page number.
    Displays the chapter number.
    Displays the text of the destination.
    Displays where is the destination, above or below.
    As Page Style
    Inserts the number of the page containing the reference target using the format specified in the page style.
  5. Click Insert.
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