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This page will collect ideas, todos and everything else that is related to the project activities @FOSDEM 2009



  • Cor Nouws
  • Sophie Gautier
  • Louis Suarez Potts (maybe)
  • Jürgen Schmidt - funding required
  • Leo Moons
  • Eike Rathke
  • Florian Effenberger (maybe) - funding required
  • Jacqueline Rahemipour (maybe) - funding required
  • Mechtilde Stehmann - funding required
  • Michael Stehmann - funding required
  • Stephan Bergmann (maybe)
  • Eric Bachard (maybe) - funding required


The main idea behind the booth for FOSDEM 2009 is to present the project, demo it, promote it, .... The booth should be a meeting point for all who work on the project and for all who are interested in the project. Interested to learn more, to meet the developers, the volunteers behind the project, to become a developer, ...

  • Coffee
    Sophie volunteered to organize a coffee machine and everything else that is necessary to serve some good coffee for all the breaks ;-)
  • T-Shirts (available for a small donation)
  • other merchandising material (TBD)

T-Shirt Design

We have received the first 3 designs. The problem is that we can't use them for the print (see below).

File:Oo3 brand t-shirt ver 1.png
File:Oo3 brand t-shirt ver 2.png
File:Oo3 brand t-shirt ver 3.png
File:Oo3 brand t-shirt v 4-10.png
oo3_brand_t-shirt_v_4-10 (draft)

The image size on the shirts can be

  • up to 24 x 34 cm
  • or up to 16 x 24 cm

The design should take a blue shirt into account and we plan a 4 color print (plastisol-transfer print for line motive). That means the design can have 4 predefined colors (have to be checked), no color gradients. We are flexible with the T-Shirt color, a white one is also possible!

We are looking for a cool, nice 3.0 branded design. Ideas should be send to as soon as possible.

Jacek has send me some new drafts that are really nice (see the image above). I will check it with the vendor if we can use it. I think we can use one of these designs for coffee mugs as well if we want.

Deadline is end of December!!!



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