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# André Schnabel  
# André Schnabel  

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Community Council

The Community Council members are your representatives



Ideas related to the community? Tell us!


  1. André Schnabel
  2. Martin Hollmichel
  3. Stefan Taxhet
  4. Cor Nouws
  5. Matthias Huetsch (partly)

IRC Logs

(17:41:04) Thalion72: ok .. seems, we should wait for some other people to join, but I have to leave in 45 minutes
(17:41:58) CorNouws: Can we start discussion on - for example - face to face meeting? I think we four are interested.
(17:42:11) Thalion72: yes, we can :)
(17:42:22) _Nesshof_: CorNouws: Thalion72: have you read my proposal on dev@ ?
(17:42:34) Thalion72: dev@ooo?
(17:42:35) _Nesshof_: I would like to take this as a basis
(17:42:56) CorNouws: _Nesshof_: Nosorry, I've just seen it passing by.
(17:43:00) _Nesshof_: for discussion in a f2f meeting
(17:43:10) mhu [n=matthias@nat/sun/x-2b5fac37aad24f96] is de ruimte binnengekomen.
(17:43:13) Thalion72: _Nesshof_: what list?
(17:43:19) _Nesshof_: dev@ooo
(17:43:30) mhu: Hi all, sorry for being late (am I late?).
(17:43:31) ***Thalion72 is not subscribe to this list :(
(17:43:39) Thalion72: mhu: you are :)
(17:43:46) CorNouws: Thalion72: I'll send you a link
(17:43:47) _Nesshof_: that was my task to follow up on the dev list
(17:43:51) CorNouws: Hi Matthias
(17:44:13) Thalion72: CorNouws: can you post it here?
(17:44:19) mhu: Hi Cor
(17:45:09) CorNouws: Thalion72: here you are: http://www.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=dev&msgNo=23288
(17:46:14) CorNouws: (I see a whole lot of officers passing by)
(17:46:56) CorNouws: mhu: we started to discuss about the face to face meeting
(17:47:26) CorNouws: and Martin pointed to his post on dev@ as basis for that meeting.
(17:47:30) CorNouws: correct?
(17:47:45) _Nesshof_: yes
(17:47:53) Thalion72: _Nesshof_: I agree to your points (as much as I can tell from a 1 Minute reading)
(17:48:10) CorNouws: OK, than we can look at the agenda's?
(17:48:20) Thalion72: but still .. I'm in fafour of finishing one step before discussing the next
(17:48:46) CorNouws: Thalion72: ?
(17:49:08) Thalion72: CorNouws: I was referring to Nessof's "Officer" mail
(17:49:47) _Nesshof_: Thalion72: yes, but I think we are able to deal with both items idependently
(17:50:38) Thalion72: _Nesshof_: absolutely .. but at the moment we are not coming any step further with the first (elections, who is on the council ...)
(17:50:45) CorNouws: Ah, legislative tasks and judiciary tasks .
(17:51:12) CorNouws: I think there is some interaction between the both
(17:51:14) mhu: okay, now I have read over Martin's "officer" email as well; I'm fine with a face to face meeting.
(17:51:34) CorNouws: Plus that understanding eacht other very well is needed on eachof the issues
(17:51:56) CorNouws: Plsu that I do not expect that a meeting can be planned within a few days, so we have some time for mailing
(17:52:25) Thalion72: CorNouws: hmm .. the meeting can be planned asap - but preparation would need some time
(17:52:50) CorNouws: Let'stry to plan ?!
(17:52:50) _Nesshof_: I have one problem with Thalion's proposal: it's the definition of an active contributor
(17:53:06) Thalion72: and I don'T think, that we will be able to draft a new charter in one meeting - the meeting can (imho) only be to define the basic concepts of the new charter
(17:53:31) _Nesshof_: Thalion72: agreed, and maybe to draft a rough proposal
(17:53:32) Thalion72: _Nesshof_: in what way? The cvs-list?
(17:53:51) _Nesshof_: Thalion72: that's the question, how is active contributor defined ?
(17:53:56) _Nesshof_: especially for code
(17:54:25) Thalion72: _Nesshof_: that's why I asked to foward this question to developers :)
(17:54:34) _Nesshof_: imho an active contributor would be somebody who is constantly contributing code via cws
(17:54:49) Thalion72: yes
(17:54:56) _Nesshof_: ah, now I understood, will then today follow up on the list
(17:55:28) Thalion72: ok .. I'll subsribe to dev@ooo (but only for silten reading)
(17:55:32) Thalion72: (silent)
(17:55:36) ***_Nesshof_ will do this right now while waiting for the rest
(17:55:58) Thalion72: Thanks!
(17:58:41) mhu: wait for what?
(17:59:15) Thalion72: for some other Council Members to join
(17:59:45) mhu: hmm, do we know that anyone will actually join?
(18:00:47) Thalion72: nobody sent excuses
(18:01:01) CorNouws: mhu: only heared from Pavel that he cannot join
(18:01:11) mhu: I'm just asking, because I have a time slot for this meeting in my calendar, and time is slipping away and so will the time slot. When it's over I will leave.
(18:01:19) Thalion72: maybe we should really start to remove council members due to inactivity ;)
(18:01:34) Thalion72: mhu: I will leave in 30 Minutes
(18:02:28) mhu: Yes, I will leave in 30min as well. Then the scheduled hour is over. Otherwise we don't need a schedule.
(18:02:38) CorNouws: Can we try to plan a f2f meeting? I trust that won't be too soon, so we can discuss other necessary thing before...
(18:03:15) CorNouws: (Speedy will be my nick-name in future ;) )
(18:03:41) mhu: I think Stefan already proposed to have it in Hamburg; that makes it easy for me to accept any date / time for that meeting (except OOoCon).
(18:04:02) stx12: CorNouws: yes, i would be glad to see everybody before OOoCon f2f. i tried to start this last meeting; but we switched from one location to the other; one date to the other
(18:04:04) mhu: s/any/almost any/
(18:04:13) _Nesshof_: Thalion72: post done on dev@ooo
(18:04:20) CorNouws: Hamburg is OK for me
(18:04:25) Thalion72: mhu: Hamburg would be quite easy for me ..only problem is that I'm hardly abel to attend at regular busines days
(18:05:06) _Nesshof_: Thalion72: a saturday morning ?
(18:05:10) CorNouws: Only other proposed place was Bolzano, mentioned by Louis, who later realised that it is far from the air port
(18:05:31) mhu: weekends? okay, some of them are already planned for other stuff (and I wont be in Hamburg then)
(18:05:48) Thalion72: CorNouws: Louis Proposed Denmark afair - but this would be to far for me
(18:06:05) Thalion72: _Nesshof_: Weekend would be ok with me
(18:06:15) stx12: louis will be in bolzano; but i guess no one else from the sunnies in hamburg
(18:06:20) _Nesshof_: isnt louis in Hamburg end of October ?
(18:06:42) stx12: yes, during fall break - when I'm on vacation
(18:08:07) CorNouws: Only Saturday blocked for me in October is 25th
(18:08:21) stx12: louis will be in Hamburg 24/25 10. (vacation are from 13.10. - 25.10.)
(18:08:41) Thalion72: 11.10 is blocked for me
(18:08:52) CorNouws: October 25 is one of the feww FLOSS events I attend :-)
(18:09:01) Thalion72: last week of october would be fine with me
(18:09:35) CorNouws: Thalion72: you mean during the week?
(18:09:41) mhu: yes, I think I can manage the time oct 25 - nov 2 also.
(18:10:08) Thalion72: CorNouws: yes (I youst realiced, that I filed vacation for this week but have no actual plans)
(18:10:41) CorNouws: Blocked for me in that time are Saturday25 and Monday 27
(18:10:50) _Nesshof_: end of october is quite late if want to have someting prepared in time with OOoCon
(18:10:59) CorNouws: _Nesshof_: Agree
(18:11:23) Thalion72: Same for me
(18:11:24) mhu: yes, and I am flying out to Beijing on Nov 2. (or so)
(18:11:33) CorNouws: During a weekend earlier, means that Louis cannot join (at the least)
(18:12:00) CorNouws: (that was a question)
(18:13:24) Thalion72: hmm .. how about 3rd of october, as no one from habur will be at Bozen?
(18:13:49) stx12: without louis then...
(18:14:09) CorNouws: Friday 3 or Saturday 4?
(18:17:47) _Nesshof_: Thalion72: fine with me
(18:18:01) ***stx12 tries to find his wife...
(18:18:22) Thalion72: CorNouws: both is ok with me
(18:21:58) Thalion72: ok, I'll note Friday 3rd / Saturday 4th on my private agenda. Let's see, who is able to join
(18:23:37) _Nesshof_: Thalion72: ok
(18:23:41) mhu: okay, I could reserve oct 3rd / 4th also.
(18:23:52) CorNouws: me to
(18:26:12) Thalion72: ok, I think we should inform the rest via mail and triy to prepare the meeting on list
(18:26:21) CorNouws: Thalion72: +1
(18:26:36) mhu: +1
(18:27:08) ***Thalion72 has to leave now
(18:27:10) Thalion72: bye ...
(18:27:43) CorNouws: I promise to do some (basic) preparations for the 25-9 meeting, to give some more structure..
(18:27:50) CorNouws: Bye André
(18:27:54) _Nesshof_: bz
(18:27:59) ***mhu can stay online, but needs to do other stuff (time slot over)
(18:29:21) CorNouws: I'm not sure if we can effectively discuss / decide anything now. Glad we came further with the f2f meeting, so for mee it's OK for now..
(18:29:54) stx12: yes, see you...

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