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* Sophie Gautier (sophi)
* Sophie Gautier (sophi)

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Community Council

The Community Council members are your representatives



Ideas related to the community? Tell us!


  • Sophie Gautier (sophi)
  • Martin Hollmichel (_Nesshof1)
  • Matthias Hütsch (mhu)
  • Pavel Janík (paveljanik)
  • Hirano Kazunari (khirano) stand-in for Cor Nouws
  • André Schnabel (Thalion72)
  • Stefan Taxhet (stx12)


  • Louis Suarez-Potts
  • John McCreesh


IRC meeting commences 17:36 UTC (timestamp is +0200)

[24.07.2008 19:36] Thalion72: I'd suggest we start (Louis and John missing, John send apologies)
[24.07.2008 19:36] sophi: Thalion72: and Cor ?
[24.07.2008 19:37] sophi: oups sorry
[24.07.2008 19:37] Thalion72: :)
[24.07.2008 19:37] mhu: yes, please lets start; I will need to finish in time (to get home and lunch ...)
[24.07.2008 19:37] stx12: Thalion72: it looks you are a good moderator for the meeting today. at least you don't want to waste tiome ;-)
[24.07.2008 19:37] Thalion72: stx12: ok .. I'll try to moderate
[24.07.2008 19:37] stx12: thx
[24.07.2008 19:38] Thalion72: what includes that I'll take the log and post it to the wiki - anyone volunteers for thenotes?
[24.07.2008 19:38] sophi: Thalion72: me :)
[24.07.2008 19:38] Thalion72: sophi: thanks
[24.07.2008 19:39] Thalion72: as we have no minutes about last meeting - are there any comments to the log?
[24.07.2008 19:40] Thalion72: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Community_Council_Minutes_20080710
[24.07.2008 19:41] Thalion72: seems not to be the case - so let's start with the agenda
[24.07.2008 19:41] sophi: Thalion72: ok
[24.07.2008 19:42] Thalion72: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/The_OpenOffice.org_Community_Council_Agenda
[24.07.2008 19:42] Thalion72: has not been updated - so I'll try to bring in the topics "on the fly"
[24.07.2008 19:43] Thalion72: top1: Old Business - elections (elligibility list) and trademark - no news on this (and as Louis is not here I'd expect no news)
[24.07.2008 19:43] Thalion72: top2: Community year/growth plan
[24.07.2008 19:44] Thalion72: we had some brief discussion on the mailing list and a vote
[24.07.2008 19:44] Thalion72: so we should go on, publish the draft at the wiki and work on priorities / details
[24.07.2008 19:44] stx12: - listen to concerns, work on resolutions
[24.07.2008 19:44] stx12: oops
[24.07.2008 19:45] Thalion72: stx12: ?
[24.07.2008 19:45] Thalion72: wrong channel or additional comment?
[24.07.2008 19:45] stx12: is there anybody else who sees a need for clarification of the item "bring more visibility on the individual contributors
[24.07.2008 19:46] stx12: or will this be done after the vote during the work on details?
[24.07.2008 19:46] stx12: is ready to vote anyway
[24.07.2008 19:47] mhu: I think it is not clearly defined, but I'm fine with working on the details later (refining the draft)
[24.07.2008 19:47] Thalion72: stx12: I'd leave this for the details
[24.07.2008 19:48] stx12: ok, fine with me; did we achieve a quorum for the vote or should we finish it here?
[24.07.2008 19:49] sophi: Thalion72: if my vote is missing, here it is +1
[24.07.2008 19:49] Thalion72: stx12: we did get a "quorum of one vote" within the set deadline :)
[24.07.2008 19:49] _Nesshof1: +1 is my vote
[24.07.2008 19:49] Thalion72: ok, Cor and Matthias voted already on the list (both +1)
[24.07.2008 19:50] stx12: +1
[24.07.2008 19:50] mhu: IIRC, I voted +1 (after the deadline); that vote still holds
[24.07.2008 19:50] Thalion72: paveljanik: your vote about the proposal?
[24.07.2008 19:51] Thalion72: hmm ... seems we lost pavel, moving on for the moment
[24.07.2008 19:52] Thalion72: we need someone to drive working on the proposal. I'd suggest Cor doing this, as he started with the proposal
[24.07.2008 19:53] Thalion72: as Cor is not here - khirano: could you help (or is anybody else willing to take this AI?)
[24.07.2008 19:53] sophi: Thalion72: ok
[24.07.2008 19:53] stx12: Thalion72: yes, it would be unfair to take this from Cor ;-) but I think he wouldn't mind if others would like to pick single topics from the list later ...
[24.07.2008 19:53] khirano: Thalion72: yes
[24.07.2008 19:53] Thalion72: stx12: Cor should "drive" this - not do all the work :)
[24.07.2008 19:54] sophi: Thalion72: as I won't be there any more soon, I won't take any AI :)
[24.07.2008 19:54] Thalion72: sophi: "Here in the COuncil" or "here in the team to work on OOo"?
[24.07.2008 19:54] sophi: Thalion72: here is the council, but I'll give him my input if he needs
[24.07.2008 19:55] Thalion72: anyway - AI for Cor (with help by khirano and others): publish Community year/growth plan at the wiki and start working on details
[24.07.2008 19:56] Thalion72: next topic - top3: ask the AB to define clearly its role in OOo
[24.07.2008 19:56] paveljanik: Thalion72: +1 for the previous vote
[24.07.2008 19:56] Thalion72: paveljanik: thanks
[24.07.2008 19:56] paveljanik: had to prepare dinner for his son...
[24.07.2008 19:56] sophi: Thalion72: I didn't resent the draft, will do this evening
[24.07.2008 19:57] Thalion72: sophi: ok :)
[24.07.2008 19:57] Thalion72: so we can move on
[24.07.2008 19:57] Thalion72: top4: Michael Meeks suggestion for CC charter modifications
[24.07.2008 19:58] Thalion72: still no real news - discussion was slowing down and not yet at a stage to decide on the outcome
[24.07.2008 19:59] Thalion72: as I think, this toopic is important anyway I'll try to draft a summary until our next meeting so that we can decide how to proceed
[24.07.2008 19:59] Thalion72: any comments?
[24.07.2008 19:59] sophi: Thalion72: ok thanks :)
[24.07.2008 20:00] sophi: Thalion72: seems you can move on :)
[24.07.2008 20:00] Thalion72: ok .. AI for me: summarice discussion about CC charter modification
[24.07.2008 20:01] Thalion72: top5: Budged holders / approvers
[24.07.2008 20:01] mhu: top 4: was not Louis working on summarizing the discussion?
[24.07.2008 20:02] sophi: mhu: Cor has done it on the discuss list
[24.07.2008 20:02] Thalion72: mhu: Louis had the AI to get the disussion started again - this was done by Cor
[24.07.2008 20:02] mhu: Ah, okay; thanks sophi, Andre
[24.07.2008 20:02] Thalion72: I saw no comments from Louis (neither off nor on list)
[24.07.2008 20:03] Thalion72: to the budget holders / approvers: we still have some open positions
[24.07.2008 20:03] Thalion72: these are "common admistration and Capital Budget" and "Infrastructure budget"
[24.07.2008 20:04] sophi: Thalion72: louis and John AI
[24.07.2008 20:04] stx12: i'm willing to work on the infrastructure
[24.07.2008 20:04] Thalion72: first needs to be propesed by Louis, second by us
[24.07.2008 20:04] Thalion72: stx12: as budget holder?
[24.07.2008 20:05] stx12: first i would like to know who would like to join and then the team should define the budget holder and approvers
[24.07.2008 20:05] stx12: i guess i have the AI to find the team members...
[24.07.2008 20:05] Thalion72: stx12: is it ok with you to work on a proposal for the next meeting?
[24.07.2008 20:05] Thalion72: ah ok - answered :)
[24.07.2008 20:05] stx12: yes
[24.07.2008 20:06] Thalion72: AI for stx12: propose a team for the infrastructure budget
[24.07.2008 20:07] stx12: btw, it will be a later meeting as i'm on vacation next time
[24.07.2008 20:07] Thalion72: and AI for Louis: propose approvers for common admistration and Capital Budget
[24.07.2008 20:07] Thalion72: stx12: hmm- any estimation when ?
[24.07.2008 20:08] stx12: 2008-08-28
[24.07.2008 20:08] Thalion72: that's late .. but ok (at least we have a defined AI :) )
[24.07.2008 20:09] _Nesshof1: stx12: no chance for doing this this week ?
[24.07.2008 20:10] stx12: _Nesshof1: unfortunately not; john asked me too read ~100 abstracts and you'l hear about CIP later...
[24.07.2008 20:10] _Nesshof1: would like to spend some money this year
[24.07.2008 20:10] stx12: recommends to spend the money for development
[24.07.2008 20:11] _Nesshof1: stx12: so shall I take your action item in the meantime ?
[24.07.2008 20:11] Thalion72: _Nesshof1: we could still vote about the money here at the council (als long as budget holder is notin place)
[24.07.2008 20:11] paveljanik: but many of the proposal' authors do not know what community is, so...
[24.07.2008 20:12] stx12: I'll see what i can do; volunteers from the CC are welcome to apply ;-)
[24.07.2008 20:12] stx12: was talking about OOoCon and understands that pavel means the CIP
[24.07.2008 20:13] paveljanik: ah, yes 8)
[24.07.2008 20:13] Thalion72: so I'd suggest the AI goes to stx12 and _Nesshof1 deadline is 2008-08-28, but you are welcome do pring in the proposal asap
[24.07.2008 20:13] stx12: ok
[24.07.2008 20:14] Thalion72: move on?
[24.07.2008 20:14] sophi: Thalion72: yes
[24.07.2008 20:15] Thalion72: moving on - top 5: eview and approve OpenOffice.org Community Council Payments Procedure
[24.07.2008 20:15] Thalion72: this is still open, as stx12 had comments
[24.07.2008 20:15] Thalion72: I've seen mails from stx12 and _Nesshof1 - but did not really read it yet
[24.07.2008 20:16] stx12: if you all feel ready to vote, let's come to a conclusion.
[24.07.2008 20:16] mhu: I think, stx12 only wants to shield me from work?
[24.07.2008 20:16] Thalion72: mhu: this is what i understood :)
[24.07.2008 20:16] stx12: mhu: yes, you or any successor...
[24.07.2008 20:17] stx12: and i think the purchase order system is a bit too complicated for our purpose
[24.07.2008 20:17] mhu: so, how about trying how it actually works out first; I promise, I will complain loud, if it does not work out.
[24.07.2008 20:17] Thalion72: mhu: yes - and review the rules next year or on request
[24.07.2008 20:17] mhu: ...also, if I think it is too complicated.
[24.07.2008 20:18] mhu: (which it might actually be)
[24.07.2008 20:19] stx12: so let's vote on the procedure as is with the remark that we will review the system after a year. (that's what i proposed on the list)
[24.07.2008 20:19] Thalion72: so proposal to vote on http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Funding_And_Budgets
accept as it is for now and put it in place
see how it works and review on request
[24.07.2008 20:19] _Nesshof1: stx12: +1
[24.07.2008 20:20] Thalion72: stx12: +1
[24.07.2008 20:20] mhu: +1
[24.07.2008 20:20] sophi: +1
[24.07.2008 20:20] khirano: +1
[24.07.2008 20:20] stx12: +1
[24.07.2008 20:20] Thalion72: paveljanik: ping?
[24.07.2008 20:20] paveljanik: +1
[24.07.2008 20:21] stx12: Thalion72: but let's review after a year latest, with or without treasurer request.
[24.07.2008 20:21] Thalion72: stx12: yes
[24.07.2008 20:22] Thalion72: top6: update on CIP
[24.07.2008 20:22] Thalion72: stx12: do you have news?
[24.07.2008 20:23] stx12: we received ~28 submissions with very different quality. we will involve the project leads in the review.
[24.07.2008 20:24] _Nesshof1: stx12: just 28 ?
[24.07.2008 20:24] stx12: _Nesshof1: yes
[24.07.2008 20:25] _Nesshof1: how many slot are planned to be available ?
[24.07.2008 20:25] Thalion72: _Nesshof1: we are at CIP, not OOoCon :)
[24.07.2008 20:25] stx12: i'm talking about the community innovation program
[24.07.2008 20:25] _Nesshof1: can't read that late in the evening, sorry
[24.07.2008 20:26] Thalion72: stx12: any idea, when notifications will be sent to the participants (I got questions on this)
[24.07.2008 20:26] sophi: Thalion72: me too :)
[24.07.2008 20:28] stx12: i guess we should inform the participants about the delay in schedule... gather pleads this week, vote next week/irc final decisions then, inform then : +10 days.
[24.07.2008 20:28] sophi: stx12: ok, thanks
[24.07.2008 20:29] Thalion72: ok, would be good to update the website with this info - thanks
[24.07.2008 20:29] Thalion72: other questions about the CIP?
[24.07.2008 20:29] stx12: is sure that Thalion72 will note an AI for stx12
[24.07.2008 20:29] Thalion72: stx12: can do - but I'd say it is up to the CIP committee to assign this AI :)
[24.07.2008 20:30] Thalion72: no more questions - about CIP .. moving on
[24.07.2008 20:31] Thalion72: we reached the end of our time, but have one topic left
[24.07.2008 20:31] Thalion72: "Community Contributors" (mailing lists) has been added to the agenda by khirano, if i get this right
[24.07.2008 20:32] khirano: yes
[24.07.2008 20:32] khirano: may I explain?
[24.07.2008 20:32] Thalion72: khirano: yes, please
[24.07.2008 20:32] khirano: To set up Users@Ja.openoffice.org I wanted to learn about users@openoffice.org and asked Cor, the CCR, about it.
[24.07.2008 20:32] khirano: I wanted to have a talk with moderators for users@openoffice.org to learn how to moderate the users list.
[24.07.2008 20:32] khirano: But Cor doesn't know who are moderating it. I think CCR and his deputy should be good friends with moderators :)
[24.07.2008 20:33] Thalion72: (me excuses for not answering you mails about this)
[24.07.2008 20:33] mhu: is sorry, but still needs to leave now to head home for dinner, sleep, ...
[24.07.2008 20:33] khirano: Whom can I ask this question, "who are moderating users@openoffice.org?"
[24.07.2008 20:33] stx12: khirano: stay here after the meeting; we can talk...
[24.07.2008 20:33] Thalion72: khirano: is this something we need to decide about now?
[24.07.2008 20:33] khirano: stx12: ok
[24.07.2008 20:34] khirano: Thalion72: no
[24.07.2008 20:34] sophi: khirano: does our answers helped you?
[24.07.2008 20:34] Thalion72: khirano: ok with you, to close the meeting now, but stay here for discussion?
[24.07.2008 20:34] khirano: sophi: yes they did indeed
[24.07.2008 20:35] khirano: Thalion72: yes, I will have a talk with stx12 after this meeting.
[24.07.2008 20:35] Thalion72: so - meeting is closed, thanks to all who joined


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