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Community Council

The Community Council members are your representatives



Ideas related to the community? Tell us!

Minutes and IRC log of 2007-11-22 Community Council Meeting


  • Sophie Gautier (sophi)
  • Martin Hollmichel (_Nesshof__)
  • André Schnabel (Thalion72)


  • Pavel Janík
  • Matthias Huetsch
  • Laurent Godard
  • Louis Suarez-Potts
  • John McCreesh

IRC meeting commences

21:03	Thalion72: let's wait another 5 minutes and then work through the AIs tha we own?
21:04	_Nesshof_: if everybody would say "yes or no" for a proposed time
21:05	Thalion72: Louis and John said "No" .. so we are waiting for Pavel, Matthias, Laurent, Stefan
21:05	_Nesshof_: Thalion72: there's only AI: Sophie to contact candidates for creating the 
        support/certification criteria. Discussions can be held on the public certification list 
        in documentation project.
21:05	Thalion72: _Nesshof_: ok AIs / and Agenda items
21:05	sophi: _Nesshof_: done :)
21:06	Thalion72: sophi: I've just seen, that FRanz Jakob attached some syllabus to the issue
21:06	_Nesshof_: sophi: we may need to create new action item: report CC about the results of the previous AI
21:07	sophi: Thalion72: yes, this great to see him working with Leif, I'm very happy :)
21:08	Thalion72: sophi: indeed - so there is activity on this topic
21:08	sophi: _Nesshof_: yes, but I can do that on the list (this is on my AI for the week end)
21:09	sophi: the work has just begin this week in fact, but I'll resume the discussions, etc...
21:09	_Nesshof_: sophi: ok
21:09	Thalion72: ok .. so for "status of criteria for certification" we have:
21:10	Thalion72: the work has just begun this week +AI for Sophie - give more detailed update on the list at the weekend
21:10	sophi: Thalion72: +1
21:11	Thalion72: (I'm just taking the mini-minutes ;-) )
21:11	sophi: Thalion72: thanks :)
21:11	Thalion72: Agenda item: account of AB meeting
21:12	sophi: Thalion72: I provided the 4th version this evening
21:12	Thalion72: we will publish the AB meeting minutes on the Council web site, correct?
21:12	sophi dig my mail to give last news
21:12	Thalion72: I coul do this tomorrow (I'ts a little late for today)
21:13	sophi: so last news : OOoSCA addendum draft should be available next week for review by the AB
21:13	sophi: Thalion72: yes, thanks
21:14	sophi: Thalion72: could you add that this notes are provided without the comments from Zaheda (because of travelling)?
21:15	Thalion72: ok - AI: Andre to publish the AB meeting minutes (with comment about Zaheda)
21:15	Thalion72: yes - will do
21:15	sophi: Thalion72: thanks
21:15	sophi: for information next AB meeting is on 17th of december
21:16	Thalion72: ok, will add this as info
21:16	sophi: I don't have the agenda yet
21:17	_Nesshof_: so we will do next CC meeting before xmas, around 18th or 19th ?
21:18	Thalion72: if we can agree on a time ;-)
21:18	Thalion72: but I'd say, we should do the meetings even if not all members can attent - we can discuss open points on list.
21:19	Thalion72: but more regular meetings might raise interest in the council's work
21:19	sophi: Thalion72: yes, I agree with you
21:19	_Nesshof_: yes
21:19	Thalion72: I have two mor points for today's meeting ...
21:20	Thalion72: 1st (not on the agenda but has been discussed at the last meeting)
21:20	Thalion72: funding / budget of Team OOo
21:21	sophi: _Nesshof_: ?
21:22	_Nesshof_ is waiting for questions/comments
21:22	Thalion72: I know, we have nothing to publish yet, but I'd like to state that we ( _Nesshof_ ) are working on this
21:22	sophi: Thalion72: +1
21:22	Thalion72: so the question is, when can we come up with a public proposal?
21:22	_Nesshof_: I think i Will send out a draft to the list before the weekend
21:23	sophi: _Nesshof_: great, thanks :)
21:23	Thalion72: That's great! Btw. the last proposal looks really good to me.
21:24	Thalion72: AI for _Nesshof_:send proposal for a budget to the council list
21:24	_Nesshof_: ok
21:25	Thalion72: I know, we have one funing item on the agenda but I'd rather have John be around when talking about this. 
21:25	Thalion72: Last item (for me): "new mission statement"
21:26	sophi: Thalion72: it's a work in progres on the wiki
21:26	Thalion72: do you have a link?
21:27	sophi: Thalion72: oups, I search for it
21:27	_Nesshof_:
21:27	Thalion72: to easy :-)
21:28	Thalion72: SO - looking at the history, some people are actively working on this. 
21:29	sophi: Thalion72: yes, I think this is still an open topic
21:29	Thalion72: I'll put this as information to the minutes - maybe other community memberswill join the discussion
21:29	sophi: Thalion72: yes
21:29	Thalion72: or do you think, we need to do more about this?
21:30	sophi: Thalion72: John has mentionned it on the marketing list
21:30	sophi: Thalion72: I don't know if we have to mention it else where
21:31	Thalion72: it was discussed project-leads - project leads are free to advertize this within their projects. 
21:32	sophi: Thalion72: yes, I think so too
21:33	Thalion72: ok ... any other points? (we still have "adding nonvoting members", "trademark " and "Fosdem 2008 funding" - 
        but I cannot tell in detail what they are about - so I'd leave this for the list or the next meeting)
21:34	sophi: Thalion72: this is items where we have to vote, so it's better for next time I think
21:34	_Nesshof_: not from my side
21:34	Thalion72: ok - so we are oing to close the meeting :-)
21:35	Thalion72: I'll save the log , publish log and minutes tomorrow
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